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We all love starting our day with a fresh glass of juice. Don’t we? It refuels us with energy and helps kick-start the day. However, manually extracting juices from fruits and vegetables like oranges, pomegranate, and beetroot can be a time-taking and tedious task. And let’s agree – none of us have that much time to spend in the kitchen, that too during the morning hours. This is where a juicer comes to the rescue. We bring you 5 best hand press juicers that can will help you get cold-pressed juice at home in just no time. Take a look.

Here’re 5 Juicer Options For You:

1. BTC India Aluminium Hand Press Juicer

Made with food grade aluminium and electroplated hard steel parts, this juicer ensures durability and better performance. All you need to do is place fruits in between the mouth of the juicer and press by using the easy to hold handle.

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2. Chefware Aluminium Instant Hand Press Juicer

Here’s another durable juicer made from high quality aluminium. From orange, lemon and other citrus fruits – with this juicer, you can make juice out of any fruit you want. It comes with a strainer that helps in separating the pulp from the juice.

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3. Etcom Hand Press Juicers

Cute and compact, this juicer by the brand Etcom can help squeeze out lemon, oranges, pomegranates, watermelon and grapefruits. It is so handy that you can carry it anywhere. Try it out!

4. Rylan Aluminium Manual Fruit Hand Juicer

Many of us love starting our day with lemon water, we have found a tool that can help you in squeezing large lemons and separating the seeds in no time. You can even squeeze out oranges and sweet lemon with this product.

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5. Friza Hand Press Juicer

Another hand press juicer option for you, this product will help you get a yummy glass of juice preserving the original taste and nutrients of the fruit and vegetables.

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