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Actress Bipasha Basu is a self-confessed foodie and loves sharing her gastronomic adventures with fans on social media. Like any other actor, she usually opts for healthy meals, ditching greasy food and sugar-loaded delicacies. But on Saturday night, Bipasha appeared to have bent the rules as she partook of a hearty feast along with friends. On her Instagram Stories, she gave fans a peek of her dinner that comprised quite a few curries, salad, raita, and rice. In a nutshell, it is a colourful as well as a delicious meal that would make an average Joe salivate.

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She captioned it, “Yummy yummy in my tummy” and thanked actor Ayaz Khan and his wife Jannat Khan for the wholesome treat. Take a look at the drool-worthy feast here:

Instagram story by Bipasha Basu


Last month, Bipasha’s husband, actor Karan Singh Grover, had shared on Instagram Stories an image of a freshly baked batch of yummy, buttery cookies, made by the Bollywood diva. In the image, one could see the cookies loaded with white and dark chocolate chips. He captioned the post, “Yummies from chef Bonnie’s deli”. For the uninitiated, Bipasha’s pet name is Bonnie. To find out more about the cookies, and who Bipasha had baked it for, click here.

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In another instance, Bipasha, an avid foodie, and Karan were treated to an authentic Gujarati meal at a friend’s place. In a video on Instagram Stories, Bipasha shared a photo of the meal she and Karan devoured and captioned it, “The Best Gujarati Thaali”. She also added a sticker that read, “Yummy”. Click here to find out about the different types of delicacies that the couple relished.

Earlier, in July, during a weekend, Bipasha Basu relished a yummy meal made by a friend’s mother. The dish that stole Bipasha’s heart was chicken khichda made by actor Ayaz Khan’s mother. Bipasha thanked Ayaz for the meal and wrote “your mom is a genius!” To find out more about chicken khichda and Bipasha’s other gastronomic adventures, click here.

Have Bipasha’s food posts got you drooling? We bet they have!

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