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Are you trying to shed those extra kilos? If yes, then this article is just for you. As we all know, weight loss is no cakewalk. It needs time, patience and dedication to achieve your weight goals. While you might find multiple fad diet options promising quick weight loss, health experts suggest a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to be the most sustainable mode of shedding your excess fat. This brings up a question, what is a balanced diet. According to consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta, “It is a meal regime that includes every essential nutrient that the body requires for good health, prevention of diseases and more. There is no one such food item that can fuel your body with every essential nutrient. So, we must include variety of foods in our diet to ensure that we get all the nutrients in optimum quantity.”

However, body’s nutrient requirement depends on multiple factors. Explaining this, Rupali Datta added, “Nutritional requirements are defined by a person’s age, sex, body weight and physiological status.”

Considering this, we bring you some of the essential nutrients that our body requires to speed up the weight loss process. Take a look.

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Here’re 7 Essential Nutrients (And Food Sources) That May Aid Weight Loss:


If you are fitness enthusiast, then you surely know the importance of protein in a heathy diet. It is one of the most essential nutrients that aid weight loss. Protein keeps full for long, thereby, helping us avoid excess calorie-intake in forms of friend and junk foods.

Food Sources: Some of the best sources of protein are eggs, dal, chicken, whole grains (oats, ragi etc) and more.


Good metabolism helps accelerate weight loss. This is why experts suggest adding a good amount of fibre in our weight loss diet to promote digestion and metabolism, further accelerating weight loss.

Food Sources: Some of the best sources of fibre are nuts, dal, whole grain, green vegetables et al.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

If you thought weight loss diet requires zero fat consumption, then you are absolutely mistaken. Our body requires right amount of healthy fats to function well and also shed belly fat – omega-3 fatty acids is one such instance.

Food Sources: Few of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids are fish, nuts, leafy vegetables and more.

Vitamin C:

Our body requires detoxification for proper functioning. Hence, we need antioxidant rich nutrients to flush out toxins and prevent our body from free radical damages. One such nutrient that is rich in antioxidants is vitamin C. It not only helps us detox, but also accelerate our weight loss process.

Food Sources: The best sources of vitamin C are alma, orange and other citrus fruits.


A study published in the journal Nutrient found that an increased intake of dietary potassium helped achieve reduction in BMI, which might further aid weight loss. That’s not all. Potassium also helps speed up metabolic process that plays an important role in shedding those extra kilos.

Food Sources: Some dietary sources of potassium are nuts, chana (chickpea), flax seeds, rajma and more.


Did you iron helps aid weight loss too? Besides preventing iron deficiency, this nutrient also helps carry oxygen to our body cells and muscles, which in turn help the body burn fat.

Food Sources: Beetroots, prawns, dry fruits etc are some of the best sources of iron.


As a study published in dmsjournal, zinc supplementation, with restricted calorie diet can have a favourable effect on body weight and obesity.

Food Sources: Almonds, sesame seeds, dal, paneer etc are some of the best sources of zinc.

Besides managing body weight, each of these nutrients has several other properties that have an overall health benefit. But always remember, always consult an expert before make any change in your diet and lifestyle – because, as Rupali Datta says, the definition of healthy diet differs from person to person.

Eat healthy, stay fit!

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