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When it comes to having a spicy snacks, kachori is possibly the first dish that comes to our mind. And especially if crispy kachoris are dipped in a hot potato curry, then it’s surely difficult to stop at just one! We agree kachori tastes delicious, but the high calorie content in the dish make several fitness enthusiasts give it a pass. What if we tell you we have a perfect solution for the same. Here’s a kachori recipe that is low in carbs and includes all things tasty.

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This low carb kachori is made with almond flour and even has a healthy filling that offers a burst of flavours to your palate with every single bite. In fact, with this recipe, you can indulge in the goodness of kachoris without worrying about weight gain or increased cholesterol.

Serve this yummy low carb kachoris with chutney or a spicy aloo sabzi, and enjoy!

Here Is The Recipe Of Low Carb Kachori | Low Carb Kachori recipe

To make this dish, first, take some almond flour in a bowl and mix it with ghee to form a crumbly texture. Now add salt, baking soda and baking powder and combine again. Now add psyllium husk to this mix. Prepare the dough by adding water.

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For the filling, take moth, soaked chana dal and dry fruits. Toss this with light masalas. Now roll the dough and add this stuffing. Bake it till it’s light brown in colour. Once done, enjoy it with your chai and some delicious aloo sabzi!

For the full recipe of low carb kachori, click here.

Make this delicious low carb snack and tell us how you liked the taste of it.

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