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A wholesome breakfast is an ideal way to kick off your day. Seems like Guru Randhawa agrees with us here. The singer just had a sumptuous breakfast. And, he also shared the picture of the lip-smacking platter on Instagram. What was on the platter? Cheela. To give his tastebuds a punch of flavours,  Guru Randhawa enjoyed it with tomato and coriander chutney. There is only one word to describe this mouth-watering dish – yummilicious. Well, Guru Randhawa prefers to call it a “blessings”.

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Now that Randhawa has got us properly hooked to cheela, we thought we would make it easy for your cheela cravings as well. We curated a list of mix-and-match healthy recipes for you. Take a look:

1. Sooji Besan Cheela

This recipe is light on the stomach and extremely easy to make. All you need are sooji, besan, chillies and spices.


2. Mixed Dal Cheela 

Cheela holds the reputation of being a healthy breakfast already, but we thought, why not increase its protein quotient a notch? So we mixed moong, arhar, chana and urad dal’s goodness in this recipe for a tasty and healthy munch.


3. Vegetable Cheese Cheela 

In case you’re tired of all things healthy and want a little sinful dollop of cheese with your veggies, here’s the deal – add a whole lot of veggies to your cheela and smear some cheese on top.


4. Paneer Besan Cheela

Are you looking for a light alternative to those heavy paratha breakfasts? Then add grated paneer to your regular cheela and savour with pickle.

5. Oats Matar Cheela 

This recipe brings the goodness of oats and the health benefits of green peas. When mixed together, we get a healthy and tasty breakfast. 

Try these recipes, to make your regular dish a lot more interesting.

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