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One of the most awaited Hindu festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi begins today (10th September 2021). This auspicious festival lasts for 10 days and will end with Ganesh visarjan on September 19, 2021. The next few days will see devotees from different parts of the country celebrating the festival with much fervour and loads of sweet treats. It is believed that Lord Ganesha has a soft spot for sweets. This is why devotees prepare an extensive range of mithais to offer bhog to their beloved deity. Thanks to the rich cultural diversity of the country, we are spoilt for choices when it comes to the variety of sweet dishes. One such dish is Puran Poli. This Maharashtrian sweet treat is a staple in almost every bhog thali prepared to offer to Lord Ganesha. What if we tell you we have a recipe that gives this delicacy a South Indian spin. It is called Holige (or Obattu) and makes a popular sweet treat in Karnataka.

Jaggery is the main sweetener used in Puran Poli 

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Although the mention of Ganesh Chaturthi might directly transport you to the crammed lanes of Mumbai – other states like Karnataka and Gujarat also witness similar patronage for the festival too. And rightfully, there are many dishes from in and around the Konkani belts that are specifically made for this festival, and this Karnataka-style Puran Poli is one of them. The stuffing is made with loads of jaggery and chana dal blended together and topped with a spoonful of ghee and cardamom powder for a rich flavour and aroma. The roti/poli is made of maida and a pinch of haldi which gives it a distinct yellow colour. Want to try the Karnataka style Puran poli? Read the recipe below

How To Make Karnataka Style Puran Poli l Karnataka Style Puran Poli Recipe

In a bowl add maida, haldi, a pinch of salt and some water to knead a soft sticky dough. Once kneaded add lots of oil and let it be until you make the stuffing

For the stuffing, cook soaked channa dal in a pressure cooker until completely soft. Bring this to a pan, add jaggery and keep cooking until everything is mixed well. Make a smooth paste in a grinder and cook again until dry.

Roll medium-sized rotis out of the dough and place the stuffing in the middle. Roll again with light hands and cook in a Tawa. Enjoy the warm and soft Puran polis with a dollop of ghee and some jaggery.

For the detailed recipe of Karnataka style Puran Poli, click here

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Enjoy the festive season with this rich and delicious sweet treat.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2021!

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