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Hina Khan is tickling our tastebuds with her delicious lunch. A midday meal that looks, tastes and feels good is like a dream come true. Hina has definitely made it a reality with a plate of scrumptious fried fish. The golden-brown fried fish is making us salivate at first sight. What’s Hina having along with it? We see on her plate a heap of sautéed and spiced vegetables that includes baby corn, beans and button mushrooms. The dish is served with tartar sauce. We also see a bowl of what looks like spiced mayonnaise dip. An elated Hina wrote in the caption, “Lunch.” Her excitement is totally justified.

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Instagram story by Hina Khan

Fish fillets fried and served with a well-made tartar sauce are a dish to relish. If Hina’s lunch has made you crave the dish, head to this recipe. Cover the fish fillets with a coating flour, eggs and breadcrumbs and fry. Serve with creamy tartar sauce to amp up the flavours.

And, if you want to make the tartar sauce at home, here’s an easy-peasy recipe.

Hina Khan often gives us a glimpse of what’s on her plate. This Ramadan, she sent greetings to her Instafam and posted a photo of herself with a bowl of fresh dates. 

Then, Hina Khan also showed us the Iftar spread at her home. The spread consisted of fruits like mangoes, melons and dates. It also had kebabs and tikkas.

Once in a while, Hina Khan loves to savour a good drink on a breezy Sunday. When she gets her glass, the actress calls it a “Happy Sunday.” Here’s Hina enjoying a drink on a lazy day:

Hina Khan loves to celebrate her life with good food often. The actress completed 12 years in the industry this year. How did she mark the day? Given the foodie that she is, we weren’t surprised to see her with a delicious chocolate cake on the occasion. The cake is glazed with dark chocolate, embellished with pink whipping cream, white cream at the bottom rim and a women figure sitting on top.

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Hina Khan loves to cook her dishes too. She often steps into the kitchen. Last year, during the lockdown, she prepared a green chutney with mint leaves. We loved to see the actress busy preparing this spicy dip. Here’s her video:

We wish to see more from Hina Khan’s book of food adventures.

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